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Carrie Underwood Proudly Shows Close-up of Scar in Flashback Photo

It took some time, but Carrie Underwood finally feels confident enough to share close-ups that show her facial scar — one she sustained after taking a nasty spill on the steps of her Nashville home last year.

On Friday, Underwood took to Instagram to share a throwback shot that puts her battle scar on full display. “#FBF to filming the Love Wins music video,” she captioned the selfie.

In the video, which was released in September, Underwood’s scar isn’t visible. But in this behind-the-scenes peek, you can see faint vertical lines above the country singer’s lips that were left behind by lacerations she suffered during her November 2017 fall.

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Underwood was taking her dogs out when she slipped on the steps and fell. In addition to her facial injuries, which required more than 40 stitches, she broke her wrist and had to undergo surgery on it.

Although Underwood shared news of her accident with fans in January, it wasn’t until August that she posted a photo prominently showing her scar.

Because Underwood had warned fans she “might look different” when she emerged from her self-imposed absence from social media, many people sadly accused the singer of using her accident as an excuse for plastic surgery.

“I wish I’d gotten some awesome plastic surgery to make this [scar] look better,” she told Redbook earlier this year. “But I try not to worry too much about it. My mom will be like, ‘Did you see they are saying this about you?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Mama, I don’t care. I’m just trying to raise my son and live my life.’”

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Underwood’s new selfie suggests that she’s putting that troubled chapter in the past and moving forward — which makes sense, considering how much she has to look forward to.
Her career is white hot, for starters. In September, Underwood’s “Cry Pretty” made country music history by debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

That same week, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But arguably even more exciting for the country music superstar is that she’ll soon gain another very special groupie. In early August, Underwood announced she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting another child.

What’s a scar when you have so many good things happening?

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