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Dakota Johnson Gave Out Her Phone Number at Global Citizen Festival

Dakota Johnson wants to help women — and if that means giving her personal phone number to a crowd of thousands, so be it.

The 50 Shades of Grey star took the stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City on Saturday night, where she encouraged women to come forward with their stories. Or, to be more precise, she extended a safe space in which women could come forward with their stories: her voicemail box. 

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“I want to help you — women and girls around the world — tell your story,” she told the crowd, then taking her iPhone out of her pocket. “This is my phone number. I want you to call me and tell me your story in a voicemail. Or I want you to send me a message at and tell me what you’ve gone through as a woman or girl in the world that’s been suffering.” 

She reassured the crowd that language barriers wouldn’t be barriers at all. “If we don’t speak the same language, that’s OK. We have a team for that. We’ll translate it.”

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Anticipating there would be those not of like mind who will take advantage of having the number, Johnson also said, “And if you’re going to threaten or hurt me, we have a team for that, too.” 

As for what specifically Johnson plans to do with the stories being shared, she promised the crowd she was going to “compile these stories and get them heard so I can amplify your voice. Together, we can achieve a world where she is equal.” 

If you call 212-653-8806, the number Johnson gave out, you’ll get the same essential message that she shared at the festival, so it would certainly seem the actor intends to act on her words. 

Other highlights of the Global Citizen Festival included musical performances by Shawn Mendes and Cardi B (her first since giving birth!). Shortly after Cardi B’s set, though, chaos broke out when loud noises frightened festival-goers, many of whom believed there was an active shooter in the area and panicked.

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Johnson’s boyfriend, Chris Martin, took the mic to reassure the crowd that the noise was caused by a fence barrier collapsing. 

“What happened is a barrier fell down. Of course it caused people to be frightened, but nobody is trying to hurt anybody,” the Coldplay singer told the crowd. “If you want to come back and you’re not too frightened by Hugh Jackman’s huge muscles and you wanna come back, this is the time. Slowly, gently, kindly to each other.” 

The show continued, with Janet Jackson performing moments later. 

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