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Heidi Klum Gives Us a Sneak Peek of This Year’s Halloween Costume

With just over a month to go until Halloween, it looks like holiday enthusiasts are jumping on costume preparations early. Heidi Klum even shared a sneak peek of this year’s costume on her Instagram on Wednesday, providing some limited details about what is sure to be another extravagant ensemble from the supermodel.

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In her Instagram video, Klum pans the camera over a tabletop in what looks like a special effects workshop, revealing a bust with white prosthetics covering the mouth and fanning out around the jaw like wings. She captioned the video, “Getting ready for #heidiklumhalloween2018” and tagged Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance. Klum also included some spooky emoji for effect.

According to E! News, Marino did the prosthetics for Emma Stone and Sally Field in their new limited series Maniac. Marino and Klum have worked together on her costumes in the past, which have all been works of art in their own right. The outlet also revealed that Klum usually begins planning her extravagant Halloween costumes in June each year, giving her plenty of time to prep.

Klum will likely premiere this year’s costume at her annual Halloween bash, which according to Insider, she’s hosted every year since 2000. Costumes are required for entry at the massive party, with Klum leading the way for innovative looks.

In 2017, Klum went as the werewolf in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and even performed the iconic dance routine from the music video. In 2016, she “cloned” herself and brought four “dates” to the event, and in 2015, she dressed as Jessica Rabbit. She even went as a 95-year-old version of herself in 2013. Her creativity knows no bounds.

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Although her Instagram sneak peek doesn’t give much away about this year’s costume, we can be certain it will blow our minds. 

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