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A This Is Us Season 3 Clip Focuses on Beth’s Reaction to Kevin’s New Relationship

The This Is Us season three premiere is so close we can taste it. Even though we’ll be tuning into the premiere tonight on NBC, the folks behind This Is Us have given us one final sneak peek to hold fans over until they can once again see the Pearsons in action. This time around, it’s all about Beth (maybe our favorite of the Pearson clan) and her reaction to the news that her brother-in-law, Kevin, is exploring a potential new romance with her dear cousin Zoe, whom we met at the end of season two.

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In the new teaser shared by E! News on Monday, Beth’s exact reaction to Zoe and Kevin is put on full display. While talking with Randall in their kitchen, Beth says to her husband, “Now I’m sure of it. Your brother and my cousin are knocking boots.” Randall asks, “Whatchu talking about, Beth?” 

Beth hilariously replies, “It’s an expression from the ’90s. It means that they are having sex.” Randall answers, “I’m familiar with the expression, woman, I’m just asking why you’re so positive.”

Beth’s reply? “Because I know.” Randall stops her right there and says, “But you don’t.”, Beth delivers such a Beth line that fans will literally laugh out loud. She asks Randall to please talk to his brother and “tell him to get the hell off of Beth’s cousin before I kill you in the face!”

Based on a first look from the season three premiere shared on Sept. 9, Beth definitely didn’t keep her promise to Randall. She walks up to Zoe and Kevin at what appears to be Randall’s birthday party (based on the balloons in the background) and says heatedly, “You two are knocking boots.” In the same sneak peek, Beth tries to talk to Kevin and Zoe separately, and to say she’s mad is an understatement. This Is Us Season 3 Will Feature a Major First for Jack & Rebecca

It’s no secret that Beth wouldn’t be happy about her cousin and brother-in-law as a couple. Everyone knows how Beth feels about Kevin, especially since she found out he was driving under the influence with Tess stowed away in his car. But the end of August, Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, gave her own insights into why Beth isn’t a fan of the Kevin-Zoe pairing. “She probably thinks it’s not a good idea,” the actor remarked in that same sneak preview clip. “To Beth, worst case scenario is they get together.”

Fans can see how the Beth-Zoe-Kevin situation plays out in its entirety soon enough because This Is Us season three premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c on NBC.

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