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What We Know About Will & Grace Season 10

So much change is in the air for one of our favorite shows when it returns on Thursday! With Will & Grace renewed for two more seasons, not just one, the writers have time to stretch out their stories. They’re taking a few things that started last season and giving them room to develop, setting the stage for what could be some lasting love for these characters. While the show was right to let fans just enjoy seeing these funny friends reunited and enjoy old guest stars in the first season, now it’s time for some stakes.

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The show released an extended trailer in September and is teasing fans with marriage, divorce and new relationships, as well as a full slate of new guest stars. As Eric McCormack noted in the trailer, “If there was a theme for last season, it was ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ But now that we’ve done that, now we need to switch it up.”

So, before season 10 premieres, let’s take a look at what fans can expect from NBC’s most fabulous foursome.

Karen and Stan divorce

This seems to come out of the blue since the season ended with Karen making the decision to stick with Stan rather than turn to Malcolm. But unless Megan Mullally is trolling us, one of TV’s most solid (if bizarre) relationships is headed toward the end. Of course, the question Karen would want to be answered first is the one we’ll ask — will she still be rich?

Karen is going to disappear for a bit

Speaking of Karen’s family drama, something sends Karen on a leave of absence at the start of the season. Her disappearance is teased in the trailer but has also clearly been foreshadowed in Instagram posts by McCormack and the show’s official account.

Grace is going to enter politics

Say what? This is the last move we’d expect from our most beloved ditzy friend, but if anyone has the spirit to take on the political world, it’s definitely Will & Grace‘s most politically vocal and active character. We can’t wait to see what drives Grace to throw her hat into the ring and tackle some of the most pressing issues in our nation right now. Whatever the issue is, we know her intentions will be pure even when her methods seem ridiculous.

Season 10 is going to have the best guests

Will & Grace has always had a knack for casting the funniest, most oddball actors in perfect guest roles. Last season, fans were treated to Minnie Driver, Alec Baldwin, Harry Connick Jr., Leslie Jordan, Max Greenfield and Blythe Danner, among others. This year, look for several of those guest stars to return alongside David Schwimmer, Adam Rippon, Matt Bomer, Chelsea Handler and Jon Cryer. The cast has enjoyed posting lots of set photos with the guests — to the point that some have already revealed they’re going to be on season 10.

Grace is getting a boyfriend, and he’s a familiar face

Speaking of guest stars, one of them will be Schwimmer as a new love for Grace named Noah. Variety reported that Schwimmer has signed on for a five-episode run, so expect there to be some nice development. Based on the trailer, it looks like the meet-cute might happen at a campaign event for Grace. “Just playing at the level of this cast, who are at the top of their game, it was kind of like this great, wonderful gift,” Schwimmer commented.

Jack is going to have a big decision to make

Last season, Jack met a cute flight attendant (who is an awful lot like him) while trying to get over his breakup from Drew. The season ended with a double proposal for the new couple, which sets things up for a wedding in season 10. But will Jack make it down the aisle? Is this the love he’s been waiting for? 

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Will is getting a new gig

In season nine, Will realized that his law career wasn’t working for him anymore, which prompted him to quit and join up with Grace as her new partner. For reasons not yet known, he decides to take on a teaching role this season, as seen in a brief clip in the trailer. Perhaps to get into the spirit of his new scholarly role, Will also decides to not only grow a beard but dye it. The insecurity and vanity of aging is definitely an uncredited cast member in the series’ revival.

Are you ready for more Will & Grace? Goodness knows we are! Bring on season 10, which is set return to NBC on Thursday.

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