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Kelly Clarkson Claims iHeartRadio Isn’t Playing Her Music & Calls Them Out

What do you do when you’re headlining a major festival but the sponsoring company doesn’t play your music on its stations? One option is to call it out and see if you can get some answers — which is what Kelly Clarkson did in a tweet she posted on Thursday.

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When news of Clarkson’s new talk show broke on Wednesday, iHeartRadio published a story about it, then promoted it on Twitter with the text, “#iHeartFestival performer? Check. Talk show host? Check. @kelly_clarkson is doing it all.” But, as reported by Variety, Clarkson wasn’t having it. She took the opportunity to publicly remind iHeartRadio that if they want to book her as a headliner for their festival, maybe they need to give her some actual airtime on their station — which, if the claims her statement implies are true, they haven’t been doing much lately.

Shortly after iHeartRadio posted its tweet, Clarkson quote-tweeted it and said, “…except for getting my songs played on your stations. I guess I’m cool enough to invite but not cool enough to play my record. #truth #check #seeyasaturday HAHAHAHAHAHA #MeaningOfLife.”

iHeartRadio, which has its annual music festival in Las Vegas this weekend and will feature Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Fleetwood Mac and Childish Gambino, among others, boasts over 800 radio stations in its network. An iHeart representative told Variety that Clarkson’s tweet simply isn’t true.

“Kelly has always been one of our most played artists,” the representative said. “As soon as her record company puts out her next song, we’ll be playing that one too.”

Meanwhile, fans were quick to support their fave on Twitter, firing their own criticisms at the company. One user wrote, “@iHeartRadio y’all deserved that shade. Every hour, your stations play like 25 minutes of the same 15 songs on your short playlist and the rest of the hour is filled with commercials. @kelly_clarkson is my hero.”

YouTuber and best-selling author Tyler Oakley commented, “LET!! THEM!! KNOW!!” Several fans responded to Clarkson’s tweet and supportive comments with tea-sipping gifs, clearly reveling in the drama.

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Regardless of whether or not Clarkson’s songs are played as frequently as others on iHeartRadio stations, the fact is that she’s on top of the world right now, as she has been for a long time. With her new talk show getting picked up at NBC and her latest album, 2017’s Meaning of Life, receiving solid praise from music critics, there’s nothing that can knock her down right now.

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