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Jenny Slate Knows What She Wants When It Comes to Falling in Love Again

If wanting to fall in love without swiping right on a touchscreen is old fashioned, then Jenny Slate might fit that description. The actor has built a career on being vulnerable, both as a comedian and in her more serious roles; this trait also shines through in her interviews, which are always refreshingly candid — especially when she talks about her love life.

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In a new interview with Elle magazine, Slate confessed that despite being on a romantic roller coaster recently (we’re looking at you, Chris Evans), she wants to fall in love again, but she doesn’t want to do it through an app or a website. “I feel like an old lady, but I don’t want to meet someone on a computer or phone,” she said, then described a conversation with a single male friend in which he said he hoped to meet his future wife at a friend’s daytime birthday party.

“It was one of the most romantic things I’ve heard,” Slate said. “And that’s kind of how I feel about it, too. I like the idea of meeting somebody at a dinner party filled with people you already like.” In a perfect world, she would meet the love of her life like this: “I get invited to some weird eco-tech summit to do stand-up, and I meet a really warmhearted scientist who loves the earth.”

She also opened up about how she’s learned the value of being by herself, especially since her divorce from ex-husband, editor and director Dean Fleischer-Camp, in 2016. “At first, being alone, I felt scared and maybe ashamed or cast off or something,” she told Elle. “Being divorced can make you feel that way because it’s such a major term, like, ‘Oh, I’m a divorced person.’” 

After comments about her divorce and her breakup with Chris Evans were taken wildly out of context in 2017, she opened up to Marie Claire about how hard it is to be herself and also be in the celebrity spotlight. However, in speaking to Elle for this new piece, Slate said her “dream role” might just be where she’s at in her personal life at this moment: “It’s an unbelievable thing to say out loud, and it’s not like I’m sitting here in a mansion with a pool, but I live in a beautiful old house that’s just big enough for me and my dog and maybe one other person. It’s filled with plants, and I’m surrounded by flowers that I planted on purpose. I like myself and I’m peaceful, so this is it.”

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It sounds like Slate isn’t in any hurry to find a partner who’s suited for her and whose life and personality will complement hers, which is kind of wonderful. Her candor is always so enjoyable to witness, especially when it manifests in such unexpected ways as perfectly describing her true-love fantasy meet-cute.

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