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Emilia Clarke Got a Game of Thrones Tattoo, & We’re Emotional

In late 2019, we’ll be living in a post-Game of Thrones world. Fans of the series may have a hard time wrapping their heads around that since the show has been such a massive success since it premiered in 2011. For the cast, it’s got to be even weirder — but some of them, including Emilia Clarke, have opted to get Thrones-related tattoos so they can carry the show with them forever in a tangible, visible way.

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As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Clarke took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal her new ink, which is three dragons on the inside of her wrist. These likely represent her character Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion.

Clarke looks over the moon in the photo as she shows off the simple silhouetted dragons. In her caption, she wrote, “MOD 4 LYFE!!!! @_dr_woo_made sure this mamma ain’t NEVER forgetting her babies….” She included the joking hashtag, “#dontworryionlybrieflypassedout” and referenced the Targaryen house words, “With fire and blood,” in the hashtag “#withfyreandinkbaby.” 

Game of Thrones has already finished filming its eighth and final season and will allegedly premiere in the first half of 2019, per ET, though an official premiere date has yet to be announced.

“It’s been long enough because we’ve just been making the best season ever! Ever! Ever!” Clarke told ET during the Emmys, where the series won outstanding drama series, and Clarke’s costar, Peter Dinklage (who plays Tyrion Lannister), won for outstanding supporting actor. When asked if she’s happy with how the series ends, Clarke apparently laughed and repeated, “Best season ever!”

That gives us a lot of hope. Cast interviews about what’s to come have us on the edges of our seats, desperate to know what happens to Daenerys and everyone else in Westeros. We’re also ready to cry a lot, because this series knows exactly how to tug at our heartstrings — and again, it’s even harder for the cast.

On filming the finale, Clarke told ET, “[It’s] so sad, but then everybody gets ready for the emotion and everyone’s there being like, ‘Ohhh, it’s going to be the last… wait, how many more takes?’”

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We doubt that Clarke could forget playing the Mother of Dragons even without a permanent reminder inked on her wrist, but we love that she is invested enough in her character to celebrate the series’ end with a tattoo. She joins costars Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) in that camp, but we’re sure more of the show’s stars will opt for Thrones tattoos before long.

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