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Maroon 5 Is Playing the Halftime Show at Super Bowl LIII, & Twitter Has Opinions

Husband, daddy, pop star, coach on The VoiceAdam Levine is juggling a lot of balls these days, so why not throw an actual ball into the mix? A football to be precise. Because according to Us Weekly, Levine’s band, Maroon 5, will be headlining the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII. 

“The offer has been extended and they’ve pretty much accepted,” an insider reportedly told Us. Two sources have since confirmed the news to Variety, although reps for Maroon 5 and the NFL have yet to respond to Variety’s requests for comment. Journalist Eric Alper also reported on Twitter that rumored musicians believed to currently be on the short list for guest appearances are Cardi B and Travis Scott. 

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Still, even without an official confirmation, the idea that Maroon 5 is the halftime headline (or at the very least, the frontrunner for the job) was enough to get Twitter going. Not surprisingly, the internet had thoughts. And even less surprisingly, that includes a contingency of NFL fans who aren’t particularly pumped about the pairing.

To be fair, there were definitely plenty of fans who defended the choice and are looking forward to the show. 

But by far the biggest complaint has to do with the fact that the event takes place in Atlanta, Georgia — aka the capital of rap. 

Twitter’s not wrong on this point. The ATL is home to some of the hottest rap and hip-hop artists today. Which is to say they are some of some of the hottest artists in music today, full stop. 

Bringing a more pop band like Maroon 5 in from Los Angeles to do the show is bound to raise some pointed questions about the process the NFL uses to pick performers. With so much talent right there in Atlanta, did they reach out to anyone local? 

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Having said all of that, it’s worth noting that Maroon 5 routinely collaborates with artists outside their “genre” (although we use that term loosely because their margins are blurry). The two most recent examples to come to mind are their collaboration on “I Like It” with Cardi B and “Don’t Wanna Know” with Kendrick Lamar. 

Not to mention we all know how pissed Levine was when he thought the VMAs had snubbed Childish Gambino, whose real-life alter-ego, Donald Glover, grew up just outside Atlanta.

So, while it doesn’t negate the fact that the NFL definitely had tons of Atlanta-connected artists that arguably should have been asked to headline, we’re going to hope for the next best thing — that Maroon 5 will reach out to some of the phenomenal local talent to perform alongside them. 

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