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Kit Harington Credits Game of Thrones With Helping Him Meet the Love of His Life

Game of Thrones may be ending after its eighth season wraps up in 2019, but the legacy of the HBO series or its impact on the fans and cast alike certainly won’t end with it. Consider the response from GoT star Kit Harington, who had the sweetest response when asked how the HBO series changed his life during the backstage interviews at the Emmys on Monday night. 

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While at the first big award show of the season (Harington was there on behalf of GoT, which ultimately snagged an award for outstanding drama series) many cast members stopped to speak with reporters backstage, which is where Harington revealed his sentimental side. 

“I met my wife in this show. In that way, it gave me my future family and my life from here on in. That’s the main thing it did for me,” the actor told Variety during a cast interview following their big win.

Suffice it to say, Harington is very aware and grateful for his time on the series. “It’s changed it completely,” he said. “The last 10 years. You cannot ask for a better job to have in your twenties, to take you through your twenties than to be an actor in Game of Thrones. It’s been the most amazing thing. It’s changed it completely.” 

But Harington isn’t the only one who recognizes the power of GoT or the people in it. In fact, Leslie is just as excited for the show’s final episodes to air (and to watch her husband in them) as the next fan. 

“I for sure ask Kit not to show me his excitement after he has read an episode, simply because I don’t want to read anything in his eyes,” Leslie told Entertainment Tonight in March. “I know the anticipation is killing a lot of people, and my God the build-up is fantastic. I can’t wait until next year. So when he’s at the other end of the room and reading the episode, it’s like, no… we are not going to have eye contact for a long time. Go make a cup of tea. Calm down.”

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We’ll probably never get over how cute it is that Harington and Leslie are each other’s biggest fans, and Harington’s comments at the Emmys only remind that these two truly are meant for one another. 

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