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Thandie Newton May Have Confirmed She’s Returning to Westworld

While many exciting things happened at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards last night, one in particular has Westworld fans feeling some kind of way. Well, two, to be truly accurate — and they both revolve around Thandie Newton. First, she took home an Emmys statue for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series. But it also may be time for fans to rejoice, because the actor gave an interview in which she made it seem like she’ll be returning to Westworld.

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Here’s what went down. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight backstage, the recent news that Aaron Paul is joining the series came up. “I haven’t met him!” Newton said. “I found out just a couple of days ago, [but I’m] really excited!” As of right now, any details about Paul’s role on the series are being kept under lock and key. And, like the rest of us, Newton’s curiosity is piqued. 

“We have such strong actors on the show, and to have someone of his caliber… he’s got such great energy. I have no idea what character he’s going to play, or anything. So, it’s very intriguing, too,” she admitted. 

Then Newton dropped a potential bombshell, saying, “What I can’t wait for is to go back on set and to be with everybody from Westworld, because I just know how proud they are tonight and how thrilled they are for me. But I feel so thrilled for them because I could not have achieved any of it without the costume, the writing, the makeup, the production design, all the elements that go into the work that we do.” 

Is it just us, or did that sound like an unequivocal confirmation that Newton will be coming back for season three? This comes as a bit of a surprise to fans, however exciting it may be, because (spoiler alert) it looked as if Newton’s Westworld character, Maeve, died a tragic, selfless death for the sake of her daughter during the season two finale. But was that the end for Maeve? You never know with Westworld, but Newton’s comments are giving us reason to hope we’ll see more of her in the future. 

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And now, thanks to Newton’s comments about coming back to set and being excited about the idea of working with Paul, we think we’ve got our answer. Thankfully, it seems to be the one we were hoping for — long “live” Maeve! 

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