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The Cast of This Is Us Drops Major Hints About Season 3 at the Emmys

NBC’s tear-jerking drama This Is Us could take home three golden statues at Monday’s 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, so it’s no wonder the cast hit the red carpet in full force. And while, yes, they all looked beautiful and we want them to win their respective categories, we’re probably not alone in saying we mainly tuned in to the red carpet coverage to see if the show’s stars would leak a spoiler or two about the upcoming (and highly anticipated) third season.

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Luckily, they delivered, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect: Although the season three premiere is just a week away, waiting to find out what happens to the beloved Pearson clan feels like it’s taking an eternity. So, until This Is Us officially gets rolling again on Sept. 25, these teasers shared by the cast on the red carpet will have to tide us over. 

Hint 1: There’s trouble in paradise for Randall and Beth

Sterling K. Brown, who’ll square off against costar Milo Ventimiglia for outstanding lead actor, confirmed what many fans already feared: trouble ahead for our favorite couple. “There’s some tension between Randall and Beth,” Brown revealed before clarifying that they were not breaking up (whew!). “This couple’s not going anywhere, but just like in life, you have your highs and your lows… we’re gonna go through some of the worst, so we can get to the better.” 

Hint 2: Randall might be headed back to work

In addition to diving into Randall and Beth’s relationship, This Is Us will also devote time to how Deja finds her place in the family, Brown said. As if that wasn’t enough for anxiety-prone Randall to juggle, Brown hinted that his character could be heading back to work, too. “There’s a possible new career opportunity that is on the horizon,” he said. 

Hint 3: And baby makes three?

Last season proved to be a total roller coaster for Kate and Toby, who — spoiler alert! — struggled to come to terms with Kate’s miscarriage but also got married. However, it was during those finale nuptials when fans saw a flash-forward that showed a seemingly ominous future for the couple. As Toby lay in bed, Kate told him the doctors wanted to check his medications again. 

So, is Toby’s depression back? What does this mean for them? Judging by Chrissy Metz’s comments, that glimpse doesn’t mean it’s all bad news. When asked if they might try for another baby, Metz hinted, “That might be a possibility. I just know that there’s going to be some good news for Kate and Toby, even though it will be difficult getting there. It’s going to be good. People are going to be happy.”

Hint 4: We won’t ugly cry (as much as last time, anyway)

OK, so we all know that there’s no realm of existence in which This Is Us will be a tear-free viewing experience. But according to Mandy Moore, who plays Pearson family matriarch Rebecca, this season will be decidedly more upbeat. “It’s exciting,” she said. “I feel like this season, selfishly from my perspective, has a little more light and levity.” Hey, we don’t hate that idea! Moore also noted that the series would have fun exploring Jack and Rebecca’s courtship during the ’70s. 

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Hint 5: There’s a juxtaposition in Jack’s story

Ah, finally, Papa Pearson. While we all understand and (begrudgingly) accept that Jack died, fans look forward to every second he makes an appearance in a flashback. So, naturally, we hung on every word as Milo Ventimiglia gave a glimpse into what’s in store for this treasured TV dad. “We go back to a younger Jack, in wartime, in the Vietnam War, [but we also] see budding love between Jack and Rebecca,” he said. “We get to know more about the Pearsons and the family dynamic.”

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