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Days of Our Lives Has Big Plans for Deidre Hall’s New Marlena Storyline

Played by beloved soap star Deidre Hall for the better part of four decades, Days of our Lives‘ Marlena Evans has endured many ups and downs, including but not limited to: getting married more than once, being pregnant, being possessed, being mind-controlled and “killed” (only to later be magically resurrected). However, on the Aug. 27 episode of Days, Marlena was shot by her daughter Sami Brady (played by Alison Sweeney) and has been in a coma for nearly a month. While Marlena woke up from her coma during Monday’s installment, it looks like Days is going to be taking this character in a new direction.

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Well, sort of. 

You see, things are very different for Marlena now that she has awoken. In fact, according to Soap Dirt, Marlena is now waking up as Hattie Adams, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to Marlena… but isn’t Marlena. Confused? OK, let’s back it up a bit.

A quick catch-up: When Marlena woke up, her family was thrilled to see her — and understandably so. She had been taken off life support, and they thought she was gone for good. But when Sami cried and told her mother “You’re going to be OK,” Marlena immediately snapped back, “No thanks to you… get her out of here before she finishes me off.” 

Of course, no one could understand the sudden personality shift — which she also directed at her other daughter, Belle Black (played by Martha Madison) — at least no one except husband John Black (played by Drake Hogestyn) and Kayla Brady Johnson (played by Mary Beth Evans). Why?

Well, because John and Kayla concocted a plan to keep Marlena alive — and on life support — as long as possible. According to Soap Dirt, John and Kayla moved Marlena to a hospital room on an abandoned floor. Since no one is ever down there, they knew they’d be able to keep her on the ventilator and hope that she wakes up in due time. But in order to make this ruse completely convincing, they needed someone to be her “body double.” Enter Hattie Adams, Marlena’s doppelgänger, who used this opportunity as a chance to get out of prison.

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Of course, that means Marlena isn’t really Marlena — which stinks — but it also means that the real Marlena is still alive, and that is good news for all Days of Our Lives fans.

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