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Stranger Things‘ David Harbour Just Officiated a Fan’s Wedding & We’re Jelly

Do you, David Harbour, agree to make good on your promise to officiate a fan’s wedding? The Stranger Things star obviously said “I do,” because he presided over the nuptials of one Ericka Millholland from Springfield, Illinois, this weekend — dressed as Chief Hopper, to boot! And, to be honest, we couldn’t be more jealous.

How in the Demogorgon did this happen? Well, it’s kind of a funny story. Back in January, Millholland made the request to Harbour via social media, asking, “What would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!” 

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Harbour agreed to Millholland’s challenge if she could get 125,000 retweets. “Provided date works with s3 shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony. I get to read an esteemed love letter of my choosing, and after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece,” Harbour stipulated in his response. 

Hilariously, Millholland’s then-fiancé-now-husband had “never actually sat and watched the show” at the time, she told the Chicago Tribune. But Millholland managed to exceed Harbour’s requirements in less than a day and, subsequently, he agreed to hitch them. So, yeah, we’re going to go ahead and assume a serious binge-watching session ensued prior to the big day. 

On Saturday, Harbour posted a photo from the wedding on Twitter. “Hey internet. I know it’s been awhile. I retreated. Needed some space. You probably get it,” he wrote. “But I’ve been thinking about ya in the interim. And all your retweets. And so me and some fun folks in Springfield, Illinois made good on our promise we made all those months ago.” 

If you’re thinking Harbour is right about needing to make his challenges a little harder, well, he already did. 

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Last October, a fan asked how many retweets it would take to get him to cameo in her senior photos. He said 25,000, and when she got around 29,000, he showed up at a California high school and smiled for the photo in a school sweatshirt and holding a trombone. 

First a senior photo, then a wedding… what’s next? We half expect Chief Hopper, er, Harbour to pop up on Twitter any day now holding a newborn baby he birthed. 

For real, though, how many retweets do you think it would take to get Stranger Things Season 3 moved up to this fall? Asking for a friend. 

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