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Cynthia Nixon Loses the New York Primary but Concedes With a Hopeful Message

In March, Sex and the City alum Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for governor of New York, running as a Democrat against incumbent Andrew Cuomo. After six hard months of campaigning, Nixon lost against Cuomo in the primary elections for the state on Thursday. It was a crushing loss to those who had stumped for her, voted for her and thrown their weight behind her. But, unshakable and admirably brave-faced, Nixon stood up on Thursday evening and gave a hopeful, rousing concession speech that she hopes everyone will take with them into the future.

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As reported by People, Nixon conceded just after 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, when Cuomo was ahead in the votes by 2 to 1. In her concession speech, she said, “We started with nothing and we earned every single vote. And the establishment came at us with everything they had…. We wouldn’t back down, we refused to be quiet, and we made our voices heard.”

In addition to her concession speech, in which she also thanked supporters for believing in her and in the change she represents, Nixon also tweeted words of encouragement to her 241,000 followers on the social media platform.

“While the result tonight wasn’t what we had hoped for, I’m not discouraged,” Nixon wrote, directly quoting from her speech. “I’m inspired. I hope you are too. We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state.”

Nixon also took to Instagram to communicate with her followers and supporters, sharing a photo of herself at the podium during her concession speech.

“Thank you all for believing and fighting and leaving it all on the field. We started something here in New York, and it doesn’t end today. This is just the beginning. And I know that together, we will win this fight,” Nixon captioned her photo, in a message that she also tweeted.

Prior to conceding, Nixon also used social media to communicate with her supporters, thanking them on Twitter for their hard work on the campaign: “I want to thank all of the #TeamCynthia volunteers, supporters, and voters who dedicated their time to championing the progressive message of our campaign. I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done to build a New York that works for all of us.”

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Although Nixon did not win the primary election to become the official Democratic candidate for New York governor on the midterm ballot this November, we are sure that she will remain politically active and that the effects of her first campaign will be felt far and wide.

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