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Drew Barrymore Was Seen With Ex Justin Long — Are They Getting Back Together?

It’s somewhat rare for exes to genuinely stay friends after a breakup, though some people, like Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, seem to have figured out the secret. The pair are apparently hanging out more than usual. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re diving back into a romantic relationship — especially since they’ve remained close in the eight years since their breakup.

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According to E! News, a source says that Barrymore and Long “have been talking more” since Long’s breakup with musician Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches. The source added, “They are both single and they are spending time together,” but “that’s all it is for now.” Although the “for now” could indicate that this person thinks there’s a chance of Barrymore and Long rekindling their romance, we’re not so sure.

E!’s source said that Barrymore and Long have maintained what sounds like a healthy friendship and professional relationship since they ended their romance in 2010. They said the pair have “worked together and bounced ideas off of each other from time to time” in the last eight years, adding that they have a “very special connection and bond that never went away.” 

Additionally, the source said that Barrymore has “a fondness for [Long] and he’s always been in her life even if they weren’t a couple.” 

Long told Ellen DeGeneres in 2009 that Barrymore is “effortlessly charming and easy to be around… She has this amazing ability to make anyone feel like at ease.” We could all use a close friend with that skill, especially in the wake of a relationship ending, so it makes sense that Long and Barrymore are spending a little more time together now.

The two of them first met on the set of He’s Just Not That Into You in 2008, in which Long starred and Barrymore was a co-producer, according to E! News. They were together on and off for two years, working together on Going the Distance and rekindling their romance for long enough that Long accompanied Barrymore to the 2010 Golden Globes, where she won an award for best performance in a mini-series or motion picture made for television for her role in Grey Gardens. They broke things off for good shortly after, before Barrymore started dating her now-ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

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It’s easy to hope that our favorite celebrity couples will find their way back to each other, even if it’s been years since they were together. Barrymore and Long were super sweet for the two years that they dated on and off, so it’s hard to resist the siren’s call of wanting their relationship to somehow be written in the stars. Strong friendships are just as important, if not more so, than happily-ever-after romances.

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