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This Grey’s Anatomy Actor Just Dropped a Clue About Her Season 15 Story Arc

Grey’s Anatomy fans who love Jo Wilson will have the chance to watch her go on a special journey in season 15. Last time we saw Jo, she and Alex Karev were exchanging I dos in front of their friends and family in the season 14 finale. But crucially, she was also debating whether she wanted to stay in Seattle or move across the country to Boston. We’ve learned that when season 15 picks up, we’ll get to see Jo going on a journey to find her specialty as a doctor and making other big career decisions that will affect her future.

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In a new interview with TheWrap, actor Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, revealed that the two-hour season 15 premiere will show Jo and Alex on their honeymoon and will see her going down a new path. “There are actually some decisions that will get made in the two-hour premiere,” Luddington said.

“One of the things that does happen on the honeymoon is that Jo becomes inspired by what she believes could be a new medical innovation, and she decides that she wants to work on it with Meredith. And she ends up having to go back to Seattle and try and pitch the idea and it sort of segues into inspiring what she wants to do as a specialty,” she explained. “So you see in the two-hour premiere what direction she’s doing in, but then the question of Boston is still hanging in the air.”

When Jo was admitted into a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in season 14, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) offered her a job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to convince her to stay in Seattle. While Luddington didn’t tell TheWrap whether Jo makes a decision on the possible move or what she decides (that would probably be too spoilery), she did tell the outlet that the rocky honeymoon alluded to in the season premiere log line isn’t as serious as it sounds.

“There’s no massive disaster that happens, I’ll let you know that,” she said, teasing Jo and Alex’s honeymoon adventures. “But I think it’s just that it’s not as romantic as initially intended.”

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Color us intrigued. We look forward to learning what medical innovation Jo is so fascinated by and (hopefully) getting an answer to the Boston question when Grey’s returns this fall. The two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premiere airs on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c on ABC.

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