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A New HBO Doc About Queen Elizabeth II Is Going Deep Into Her Life

Fans of the royal family are not going to want to miss HBO’s new documentary about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II. Slated for release on ITV on Oct. 1, Queen of the World will take viewers deep into the palace for an intimate look at the queen’s relationships with members of the royal family, as well as her position on the global stage as a royal, a politician, a public figure and a person.

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Bustle reports that the HBO documentary is an hour-long dive into exclusive film footage from the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s private archives as well as treasures from the Royal Collection. The documentary will follow the queen’s early years as Head of the Commonwealth, starting when she ascended to the throne at age 25, as well as her current relationships with Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla (née Parker-Bowles) of Cornwall, Princess Anne, Prince William, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (née Markle) of Sussex.

This isn’t the first documentary about the royal family, but it will be the first one seen in literal decades. In the late 1960s, the royal family permitted BBC cameras to follow them around for 18 months, then put together a documentary based on the footage. It was shown in the U.K., per Bustle, but then it was shelved for being too personal according to Express. The Royal Family documentary has since been locked up in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle because to this day, the queen is still uncomfortable with the unprecedented intimate look it gave into the lives of her family.

As Harry and Meghan usher in a more “modern era” for the royal family, it would appear that the queen and other members of the royal family are allowing the public more of a glimpse into what goes on behind palace walls. Queen of the World, according to Bustle, might be the most personal story shared by the monarchy since The Royal Family was removed from circulation.

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Given the history of the royal family and documentaries, we have to admit we’re extremely intrigued by Queen of the World. After The Story of the Royals aired on ABC in in August, we can’t get enough of the illustrious history behind the monarchy.

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