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Kristen Bell Recounts the Very Intimate Way She Watched a Woman Give Birth

Kristen Bell is pretty darn down-to-earth. The actor and mother of two is known for her candor, her wit and her sense of humor. But just when we thought Bell couldn’t get more relatable, she got down and dirty in the delivery room — literally — and lived to tell the tale. 

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Recently, Bell helped a woman welcome her baby on her EllenTube show, Momsplaining and later opened up about the experience during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In fact, she explained that despite having given birth to two children of her own, being present while another woman gave birth was just something she wanted to do. “I had said to the Momsplaining team, I said, ‘I want a delivery. I want to be in the delivery room.’ And they kind of looked at me like, ‘OK that’s very intimate.’ And I was like, ‘Just try to make it happen. It’s Hollywood!’ ” Bell told DeGeneres. 

And they did.

“Luckily, we got some very generous moms [Kimberly Patel and Martha Trujillo] who allowed us to be in there… probably it was the drugs that they said yes.”
Bell then told DeGeneres that Trujillo let her “get so up close and personal. I was in the splash zone… [but] I guess when you’re in that amount of pain, the last thing you care is what your vagina looks like.”

For those who might be a bit squeamish, Momsplaining isn’t just a show about childbirth. According to Bell, the series is “basically momsplaining [where, in theory, an experienced mom would explain how to be a mom to other experienced moms] through my lens, through the lens of a mother. How moms see things [which] is not your typical way because the way I see things, they’re dirty and they’re messy and they’re gross and you love them and you hate them and it’s all those things. It’s also very funny.” 

And it is. Momsplaining has covered everything from new mom advice and kids parties to kidsplaining, which involves asking kids hard-hitting questions (like, “Do you know where babies came from?”) in a very humorous way.
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So, if you need a new laugh, be sure to check out season one and two of Momsplaining; you won’t regret it.

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