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David Foster Has Felt a Connection With Katharine McPhee Since They Met in 2006

Much has been made of newly affianced Katharine McPhee and David Foster’s considerable age gap, but it’s a nonfactor for the couple. In fact, 68-year-old Foster says he and his future bride first felt sparks over a decade ago. 

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The couple, who first met when Foster mentored McPhee and other American Idol hopefuls in 2006, started out purely professional. However, Foster told People it wasn’t long before they knew there was something more developing between them. “She didn’t catch my eye on the first day because I was so busy trying to do my job. But the reality is that in the last 12 years I’ve always had a connection with her,” he revealed. 

And they apparently weren’t the only ones who realized it. 

At the Celebrity Fight Night charity event in Italy on Sunday, McPhee sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” alongside Andrea Bocelli — although it was clear McPhee was singing straight to (and about) Foster. And Bocelli, a longtime friend of the pair, commented on the couple’s intense chemistry before the performance. “A few years ago I told you she was the one,” said Bocelli, to which Foster responded, “You were right.” 

The bottom line according to McPhee? “We genuinely love and respect each other and have for a very long time.” 

While most people struggle to get past the pair’s 34-year age gap, Foster and McPhee insist age is one of the only things they don’t have in common. Otherwise, though, they’re pretty perfectly matched. Foster says, “[T]he fact we are both in the music industry helps” deepen their bond, adding, “We understand each other.” 

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If anyone was going to have a problem with the union, you would expect it might be Foster’s daughters, Sara and Erin, who at 37 and 35 respectively are older than McPhee. However, People reports that the women are both on board with the relationship. 

On Thursday, the sisters gushed about their dad, with Sara telling Us Weekly, “He’s so happy. He’s never looked better. He doesn’t age. I said to him the other day, I’m like, ‘Are you on HGH? What’s happening?’ He just looks so young.” 

Noted Erin, “I think that’s the gift of having a young fiancée. 

Plus, their hilarious social media exchanges with McPhee suggest they all get along famously. 

So, yeah, Foster and McPhee aren’t really sweating the haters as they plan his fifth wedding and her second. “It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it does to us,” McPhee said. “He has things to learn from me and I have a lot of things to learn from him, so I think we have a nice yin and yang.” 

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