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Nicole Kidman Had to Shut Down an Awkward Interview Question, & We Get Why

She may be known as one of the nicest stars in Hollywood, but don’t come at Nicole Kidman with trivial questions, y’all. During an audience Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, the actor quickly shut down a silly inquiry, and we totally get it. 

Here’s how it all went down. While at TIFF promoting her latest movie, Destroyer, Kidman fielded a question from audience member Sam Herbst. 

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According to, who reached out to Herbst for comment, he asked, “I’ve spent the last year ranking your movies by things like wigs, and this movie is pretty wig-heavy; how to do you think it ranks, and do you have any other favorites?”

And, well, Kidman wasn’t here for it. “That’s an awful question. I am shutting that question down,” she said, per LA Times writer Mark Olsen, who was in attendance. 

Herbst — who runs the Nicole Kidman fan site TheKidmanifesto — told he felt as though Kidman put a kibosh on the question “lightly but genuinely.” 

While Herbst was admittedly thrown at first, he ultimately decided to find the humor in the situation, saying, “I was a little embarrassed at first because I didn’t want her to think that I was being trivial or reducing her craft to wigs or costumes, but now I think the whole thing is so funny.” 

Here’s the thing, though: Kidman is an extremely accomplished woman. For her role in Destroyer, she impressively transforms herself into an LAPD cop haunted by her past. Does she wear a wig for this dramatic transformation? Sure. But that is probably the least remarkable thing about this role or Kidman’s body of work as of late. 

Although Kidman typically keeps things light, we respect the fact that she spoke up and stopped a line of questioning that was irrelevant at best and sexist and reductive at worst. 

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Note: If you finally get a moment to pick your idol’s brain, and said idol takes time out of her extremely busy schedule to allow you to, do better.

We doubt Kidman dwelled on it for long, though. As of this moment, she has at least 10 major projects in development — including the much-anticipated second season of Big Little Lies as well as the buzz-inducing book-to-film adaptation The Goldfinch.

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