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Alex Trebek Debuts His New Beard on Jeopardy! & Breaks the Internet

We’ll take “controversial facial hair” for $200, please: Longtime Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek shook things up this week when he unveiled a new beard, and it has fans feeling some kind of way. Trebek debuted the new look on Monday’s 35th anniversary season premiere, and people were quick to notice the change. Although Trebek historically rocked a mustache on the show, he adopted a clean-shaven style a few seasons ago. Until now. 

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Despite hints from the show’s official Instagram account about Trebek’s face sweater, it still shocked longtime viewers of the game show. And, as people are wont to do, they headed to Twitter to air their emotions. 

Not surprisingly, the internet seems divided. A large contingency appears to be into the beard. (count us firmly in this camp, thank you very much):

And some are so into it they’re borderline obsessed with it — we get it, folks. We get it.

There are those who feel Trebek’s facial hair is a sign of the times. 

And because change can sometimes be uncomfortable, there were other Jeopardy! fans who were not as into the look as others. They didn’t hold back from voicing their opinions over Trebek’s new beard.

There were also those who remained undecided on the matter, straddling both sides of the argument as diplomatically as possible. 

And some fans are just glad Trebek is still alive. 

Trebek appears to be part of a sweeping trend in Hollywood in which more TV personalities are rocking full facial hair. Just last week, The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert came back from vacation with a white beard. 

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On Aug. 28, Family Feud host Steve Harvey created buzz when he started sporting new salt-and-pepper facial hair. “I’m gonna see how the beard game go,” Harvey told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m gonna just do something different. I’m gonna stay fly till I die.” 

You know what? We’re not mad about any of it. As far as Jeopardy‘s host is concerned, we say long live #AlexTrebeard. 

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