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Heidi Klum Could Have Dated This Rapper — if She’d Answered His Texts

As if Heidi Klum’s romantic history weren’t already intriguing enough, she just revealed a truly juicy tidbit about a potential love interest. Apparently, per her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, Klum totally ignored Drake’s advances earlier this year.

This story of unrequited text message love really started in February — the last time Klum stopped by to chat with DeGeneres on the daytime talk show. During that visit, DeGeneres had the then-single Klum pick between two eligible bachelors: Drake and Joaquin Phoenix. After a bit of back and forth, Klum ultimately settled on Phoenix.

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The following month, though, Klum began appearing in public with new flame Tom Kaulitz. And Klum gives at least part of the credit for that connection to DeGeneres, telling her, “You put it out into the universe! You really did.”

And while DeGeneres couldn’t have been happier for Klum, she was interested to hear if anything ever came from their earlier round of pick the eligible bachelor. More specifically, did Drake ever reach out?

“He did. Sorry, Drake! Snooze you lose! You know what I mean? He was basically a week too late,” Klum said, laughing.

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According to her, the two have a mutual friend who gave Klum’s number to Drake. He then used that number to text her. “I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. This is so weird!’” Klum explained, adding, “But I never texted him back, because I found the love of my life.”

In other words, she didn’t call Drake on his cell phone — late night or any other time.

When DeGeneres playfully called Klum out for never responding to Drake’s text, Klum confessed that she’s socially awkward when it comes to dating in the digital age. “You need to write a book about this kind of stuff. I’m not good with the texting stuff in any case, or this texting etiquette. Like, some people wait a certain amount of days to call you back or text you back. I don’t know. I just didn’t get it at all!” said Klum.

An embarrassed Klum also issued a public apology to the rapper. “Where’s the camera?” she asked. “Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back. You’re cool. I still love your music!… I’ll probably come to the concerts very soon.”

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We’re sure there are no hard feelings. Besides, all’s well that ends well, right? Klum seems happier than ever with her Tokio Hotel-rocker beau — it might even have been love at first sight.

“It was to the point so bad that I couldn’t even look at him. I had to sit next to him instead of across because then I would have had to look at him the whole time,” Klum explained about her intense connection with Kaulitz the night they met. “It was like an immediate [spark]. You know when that eye thing’s happening, and you get warm and fuzzy inside? It was like that.”

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