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Meryl Streep Stole the Show During the US Open Championships

Meryl Streep has had a long, lucrative career as one of the best actors in Hollywood, and it’s obvious why. No one can emote quite like she can, even when she’s an audience participant at a major sporting event. On Sunday, when Streep was in the audience at the U.S. Open for the men’s final match between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martín del Potro, Twitter just could not get enough of her facial expressions or reactions to the match.

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Vox reported on Streep’s best moments, including when ESPN tweeted her expression in comparison to the both-hands-on-the-face-shocked emoji.

Vox noted that the moment she lifted her Heineken in tribute to the announcers isn’t eligible for an Emmy, but the way people on social media reacted, you wouldn’t know that. Folks took to Twitter during Sunday’s match to give their cheeky two cents on what was unfolding, not on the court — but rather in the stands. 

Streep’s expressive behavior didn’t slip by Tasmanian radio show hosts Jimmy and Nath, who tweeted, “Meryl Streep just won the Oscar for ‘Best Crowd Member US Open 2018′” along with trophy and tennis ball emoji.

A fan tweeted, “It’s so crazy that Meryl Streep won every event at this year’s US Open. I honestly didn’t even know she was entered but hey that just shows the depth of tennis in this era.”

Several people also tweeted about the moment Streep realized the announcers were not only showing her visage live, but talking about her reactions to the match.

“Hilarious moment as Meryl Streep realizes they’re talking about her on air,” tweeted BBallBreakdown along with a video of Streep indirectly interacting with the announcers on camera.

Portuguese tennis account @BreakPointBR tweeted a GIF of the Heineken moment, captioning it, “Meryl Streep offering beer. Perfection.” Another user tweeted a still shot of the toast and wrote, “I never knew I wanted to see Meryl Streep holding up her beer at the US Open, but i did. So thank you!”

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We love that Streep wears her heart on her sleeve, even at a tennis tournament. These new reaction GIFs will surely be used for months to come all across social media.

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