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Shannen Doherty Is Singing a New Tune About the Controversial Charmed Reboot

Since the CW announced it would be bringing back Charmed for a new iteration, the idea hasn’t exactly been a huge hit with cast members from the original late ‘90s version. However, one of those stars — Shannen Doherty — has now softened her stance on the controversial TV revival.

When news of the new series broke in January, Doherty said on Twitter that she wasn’t pleased with the way the network was promoting it. Essentially, by billing the reboot as “fierce, funny, feminist,” the CW seemed to be implying the original lacked those qualities.

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Doherty retweeted a fan who pointed out how belittling that was to “everything that Charmed brought to the table.” The actor added, “Yep. You nailed it. Their wording is terrible and a bit offensive. But, everyone makes mistakes. Perhaps with the backlash they will be more thoughtful in future.”

Fast forward to this Friday, when ET’s Lauren Zima asked Doherty to weigh in on her current feelings about the new Charmed. “I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome. I think second lives are amazing, so I’m all for it,” the actor said of the reboot, which premieres Oct. 14.

But that’s not to say Doherty doesn’t stand by her sentiments about the importance of the original for women.

“I’m happy to see a show that, back then, was all about strong women who supported and loved each other, is now coming back again in this day and age. It’s about female empowerment again — not that that’s something new,” she clarified. “Charmed originally was that, too. But I think it’s wonderful, you know? And it’s providing a lot of jobs for people, and I honestly, I just wish them well. And I hope that everyone just gives them a chance.” Shannen Doherty Gives Update After Returning to Work After Cancer Battle

Doherty, who played sister Prue Halliwell in the original Charmed, announced last April that the breast cancer she’d been battling was in remission. And, as difficult as that experience has been, Doherty admitted that it could be the reason she’s so much more likely to look on the bright side these days.

“I hate to be the person who goes, ‘Oh my God, the sky is so blue all of a sudden,’” she told ET. “But you really start noticing a lot more things around you and appreciating everything.”

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