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Grey’s Anatomy Just Made a Major LGBTQ Casting Choice, & Fans Will Love It

Grey’s Anatomy has had a number of memorable LGBTQ characters in its 14-season run, but going into season 15, Shonda Rhimes is taking the series one step further in the fight for positive LGBTQ representation. Among the casting changes teed up for this season is the addition of newcomer Alex Landi, who will play the series’ first-ever gay male surgeon. 

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Entertainment Tonight reported that Landi will take on a recurring role as Dr. Nico Kim. We don’t yet know how many episodes he’ll be in or any further details about his character, but even the news that a half-Korean, half-Italian man will be the first gay surgeon on the show is stirring up excitement among fans.

“Love this!” tweeted one fan, in response to the Shondaland Twitter account sharing a link to the news. Another wrote, “I’m way too excited for this!!!” Others took the opportunity to comment on Landi’s appearance, with one user writing simply, “Heyyyyyyy,” with the eyeballs emoji. Another said, “I think I need him to operate on me!”

We may be past the years of McDreamy and McSteamy, but Grey’s Anatomy fans haven’t gotten any shyer about their appreciation of the cast’s good looks. Introducing a gay male character is especially huge for gay fans, who can appreciate Landi’s casting on the show in multiple ways.

Other fans called out how long it took Grey’s to introduce a gay male surgeon. Responding to Entertainment Weekly‘s tweet about the news, one fan wrote, “Only took (checks notes) eighty seasons,” and another posted a GIF captioned, “It took you long enough.” 

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Per TVLine, Landi joins the recently cast Chris Carmack, who will play an orthopedic surgeon. Kim Raver, who plays Dr. Teddy Altman, returns as a series regular in season 15, and Jeff Perry, who plays Meredith’s dad, returns as a recurring guest star. With all these changes, it will be interesting to see how Landi and Carmack fit into the scene at Grey Sloan Memorial. We’re looking forward to more details.

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