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Carrie Underwood Is Spicing Up Football Season With a New Song

Carrie Underwood returns to NBC Sunday Night Football this year with a brand-new bop to kick things off. The track is called “Game On,” and it embodies all the best parts of Sunday Night Football: the fun, the excitement, the drama and the hype.

More: Carrie Underwood’s Opinion About Women Thriving in Country Music Is So Good new Sunday open follows Thursday’s NFL kickoff between the Atlanta Falcons and the 2017 Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. As reported by E! News, the new Sunday song was written by Underwood, Chris DeStefano and Brett James. It’s already a huge hit, and the full song hasn’t even premiered yet.

“It is an honor to be back for my sixth year with Sunday Night Football. We just felt like it was maybe time to switch it up,” she said, explaining why the network decided to go with a new song for the upcoming football season. “It was written specifically for Sunday Night Football, and I feel like it’s such a great hype song!”

She added, “People love Sunday Night Football. There’s excitement and drama!”

During NBC’s annual Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 2, the network aired the preview video above to get fans extra hyped for the new Sunday Night Football opener. In the comments, one viewer wrote that just the preview is “already catchy, I think this might be Carrie’s best song yet for Sunday Night Football.”

On Aug. 30, Underwood’s social media team shared a longer preview video on Twitter, which E! News also shared.

“Carrie brought us a new song and kind of inspired us to get out of the soundstage,” said Sunday Night Football open director Tripp Dixon. He said that in addition to a new song, the new open also features “a new approach and new locations.”

He added, “Any time you work with a big star like Carrie and then you combine that with NFL’s best, you know it’s gonna be big and you know it’s gonna be fun.”

“Every year, she kind of ups the ante and ups her game,” added Sunday Night Football executive producer Fred Gaudelli. “I call [Underwood, DeStefano and James] the hit factory, and I think they turned out another hit.”

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Sunday Night Football kicks off this Sunday. Underwood’s “Game On” premieres ahead of the kickoff between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.

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