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John Krasinski’s Fave Episode of The Office Is Probably Your Fave Too

John Krasinski may be making massive strides in his post-The Office career, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to talk about the series. In conversation with Stephen Colbert for 92Y Talks on Wednesday, Krasinski talked about his new Amazon series, Jack Ryan, as well as his hit feature film, A Quiet Place. He also revealed that his favorite episode of The Office came exceptionally early in the series’ nine-year run.

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Vulture reports that during his chat with Colbert, Krasinski opened up about what it was like in the early days on the Office set. “If I’m honest, I remember the pilot of The Office was word-for-word the British show at the time,” he said. “It made no sense to any of us because I think there are actually British jokes in there that don’t even apply [to Americans].”

Krasinski wasn’t disparaging the show or its starting point, however. He said that just being there “was amazing as a family and as a group and as a circus, and I’ll never forget it.” Neither will we — The Office saw several cast changes and viewership rises and falls during its tenure, but the fake documentary definitely took on a life of its own after the pilot episode and became part of the American TV lexicon.

According to Vulture, Krasinski recognized the show’s potential when they filmed the second-ever episode, “Diversity Day.” For those who can’t quite recall, “Diversity Day” features a diversity sensitivity counselor coming into the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, then later, the staff plays a game Michael created in which they put various identities, written on note cards, on their foreheads and have to guess which group their card says they represent based on the stereotype clues their coworkers are giving them. 

“B.J. Novak wrote ‘Diversity Day,’” Krasinski told Colbert and their live audience on Wednesday. “I remember that day when [the diversity sensitivity counselor played by Larry Wilmore] comes in and says, ‘My name is Mr. Brown,’ and Michael says, ‘I’m not gonna call you that.’ It was that moment combo’d with Kelly slapping him [for his impression of a bodega owner] where I said, ‘Oh, my God, we’re a part of something totally unique — and I don’t think anyone will watch this. But I knew it was really good and I [remember thinking] we were a part of something special.”

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Among all the recent TV reboot news, there have been plenty of rumors that NBC might do a revival of The Office. If they do, we hope the show continues to push boundaries and maintain that special spark that Krasinski noticed in his first days on set.

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