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Rob Lowe Really Wants to Make a West Wing Reboot Happen

Rob Lowe may be experiencing some FOMO with all the television reboots that keep getting announced. In July, he hinted at a desire to reboot The West Wing on Twitter, but he didn’t bring it up again until an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday.

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Entertainment Tonight reports that Lowe was noncommittal (but hopeful!) when speaking to Colbert about the possibility of bringing back the beloved political drama. Lowe told Colbert, “I was watching all the reboots come out, and look, I love Murphy Brown as much as the next person, and who doesn’t? But I think it’s time to get the old gang back together.” He added, “I know all of the staff would love [it]… [but] it’s all about Aaron Sorkin. He’s the guy who wrote it. He’s the guy who created it. He is The West Wing, and we’ve got to have him figure it out.”

Is that likely to happen? “[Sorkin] says he’d like to do it as soon as he figures out a way to do it,” Lowe said, though he also said Sorkin has been “very close-lipped” about the possibility of an all-new West Wing.
In July, Lowe broached the subject of wanting a West Wing reboot on Twitter, prompting over 25,000 people to like the tweet and nearly 3,000 people to retweet the sentiment. He wrote, “New ‘Will And Grace’! New ‘Sopranos’! New ‘The Office’! I wish I had been in something that would make a good re-boot. Maybe something timely, that would have relevance in this divided political climate? #OhWell.”

Apparently, much of the cast — who had a mini-reunion at star Martin Sheen’s 78th birthday party in August — is on board. ET chatted with Lowe’s costars in April, including Sheen, Elisabeth Moss and Joshua Malina about their thoughts on the idea of a West Wing reboot.

“I do co-host a podcast called The West Wing Weekly,” Malina said. “And so in my small way, I am certainly trying to make it happen. My gut tells me [it’s] not going to happen. Then again, my gut isn’t Olivia Pope’s gut. Her gut is always right. Mine is often wrong.”

“Well, it’s still running on Netflix, so I think it’s holding up quite well,” Sheen added. “It has a lot to teach us in today’s situation, that we could not have anticipated before, so I think it’s still very powerful.”

“Are you kidding? I’d be in! That’s where I got my start. They just gotta call me,” said Moss.

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During his appearance on The Late Show, Lowe also revealed an exclusive detail of his long relationship with Sheen and his son, Charlie. He showed Colbert’s audience a home video that he, his brother Chad and Charlie Sheen made in Martin Sheen’s backyard when they were teenagers. Lowe is clearly deep in his nostalgia, and we support him. We’d all love to see the cast of The West Wing on our screens again — and honestly, we wouldn’t object to another home movie either.

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