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This Fresh Prince Mini-reunion Will Make Fans as Happy as Will Smith

There was a recent Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion and it will make fans of the ’90s show feel super-nostalgic. They might even shed a tear or two due to extreme happiness. 

On Tuesday, Will Smith (who played Will, aka the Fresh Prince) posted an Instagram of himself with Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton), and the former costars have never looked happier. “One of my favorite people on this Whole Damn Rock!!,” Smith captioned the adorable picture. 

Smith looks overjoyed to be standing next to the man who once played his cousin on the small screen.

Ribeiro shared the same photo on Instagram and wrote, “Had a great time this morning playing with my boy @willsmith.”

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It appears Smith and Ribeiro were golfing together. To know these two still enjoy each other’s company and reunite every once and awhile has to make fans feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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In May 2013, Ribeiro told Access Hollywood, “[I’ve known] Will… maybe 24-25 years. Something like that. It’s been a long time.” He continued, “We’ve spent many years working together, hanging together, playing together, you know, having families together. [Will is] just a wonderful individual and we have such a great time whenever we’re together.”

On Sept. 10, 1990, Fresh Prince first premiered. That means this September will be the sitcom’s 28th anniversary. Can you believe that? How has it been almost 30 years since the beloved series debuted? It doesn’t seem possible.

The last time there was a Fresh Prince reunion was in March 2017. Smith, Ribeiro, Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karyn Parsons (Hilary), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey) and Daphne Reid (Aunt Vivian, the second one) all reunited. Most notably, James Avery (Uncle Phil) was absent. He died in 2013.  

In the 2017 reunion photo shared by Ribeiro on Instagram, he wrote, “Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.”

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There’s nothing quite like a TV reunion, even if it is just a mini one. It’s really nice to know that after all these years, the actors who brought Will and Carlton to life remain friends.

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