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Why John Krasinski Flew Home Every Weekend While Filming Jack Ryan

John Krasinski is using his fame and fortune for one really amazing thing: spending as much time as possible with his wife, Emily Blunt, and their two daughters, Violet and Hazel. Although Krasinski and Blunt are both super-busy with filming their own projects, that doesn’t mean he won’t commit to a crazy commute to see his family for even a day at a time.

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At the premiere of his new Amazon series, Jack Ryan, on Friday, Krasinski told People that while he was filming the series in Montréal and Blunt was filming Mary Poppins in London, he was on a plane every weekend to cross the ocean and see his family.

“Family for me, it’s a non-negotiable thing,” Krasinski said. “So if I’m honest, I was shooting 6,000 miles away from them, and I flew back every single weekend.” He added, “Emily was shooting a little indie movie called Mary Poppins. So they were with her, and we always set up a base, and I always want the base to be with their mom, and I’ll do the flight time.”

That may sound especially brutal, but Krasinski acknowledges that it’s a privilege to be able to do that kind of commute, especially with such frequency. He told People, “I think that there’s nothing you can complain about in this business, you know what I mean? We are all so lucky to be doing what we’re doing. If there’s one thing that’s a bummer, it’s that you spend time away from your kids. But guess what, a lot of people spend time away from their kids. So for me, I think we’re all living in a fantasy camp. So I’m not going to be the first one to complain.”

It’s honestly so sweet Krasinski insisted on going to see Blunt and their daughters every weekend, even when he and Blunt were filming in totally different countries thousands of miles apart. According to Google, flight time from Montréal to London is six hours and 30 minutes one way, which totals at 13 hours of flight time round-trip, all in a weekend. Krasinski’s Jack Ryan costar, Dina Shihabi, couldn’t help but comment on this incredible commitment to family when she spoke to People Now in August.

“[Krasinski] flew basically every weekend to London, where Emily was shooting Mary Poppins, to be with his kids. He would wrap at like 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning, get on the next flight to London, and then come back Sunday night,” Shihabi said. We can’t even imagine how tired Krasinski must have been.

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Of course, like Krasinski said, not everyone can manage a schedule like that, especially from a financial perspective; it’s great that he’s so aware of how lucky he is to be in his position. We also can’t help but get a little gooey over how incredibly dedicated he is as a dad. Would that we could all find someone so committed to the family life if that’s how we want to live our lives.

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