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Don’t Bother Jimmy Fallon During Dinner & He Might Pick Up Your $1,100 Tab

Sometimes, it literally pays to be quiet. Just ask the tableful of diners who enjoyed a free meal this week courtesy of Jimmy Fallon. According to Newsday, the late-night host so appreciated that the restaurant patrons didn’t disturb his date night with wife Nancy Juvonen, he decided to pick up their entire tab.

This random act of kindness occurred at the popular Hamptons eatery Il Mulino on Monday night, when two middle-aged couples dining together were seated adjacent to Fallon. 

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The restaurant’s general manager, Enzo Lentini, told Newsday that despite being huge fans of the television personality, they decided not to approach him. “They wanted to jump out of their skin,” Lentini said. “But they were cool — they didn’t want to interrupt him.” 

In the end, not only did the couples get to meet Fallon, they also got to enjoy their meal at no cost to them. After dinner, Fallon approached their table. “He went up to them and said, ‘I appreciate you guys not wanting to disturb us. I knew you wanted to say hello,’” Lentini explained. “So he picked up the tab. With tip, it was $1,136.” 

Fallon’s spokeswoman, Claire Mercuri, has since confirmed the story, proving once again that Fallon is a truly lovely human being. After all, this isn’t the first time he has gone out of his way to be kind to strangers.

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Last year on Long Island, the kind-hearted TV host offered a woman a ride when he drove past her walking on the side of the road in torrential rain. That woman, Dawyn Elyse Warden, was staying at a friend’s home in Sagaponack when she decided to walk to nearby Town Line Beach. 

However, the weather didn’t cooperate. When the rain started to pour, Warden had no choice but to head back amid the downpour. Then, an unlikely hero arrived. 

“This truck pulls up and the window rolls down. I’m thinking, as a woman, ‘I’m not getting in the car with you.’ And then I was like, ‘Oh, it’s Jimmy Fallon,’” Warden told Newsday at the time.

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The Tonight Show host offered to drive her the final few blocks back to her friend’s house, and Warden graciously accepted. Although Fallon never officially introduced himself, he did introduce his daughter Frances, then 2, who was in a car seat in the back. 

“It was a big deal to me that he would stop the car for a stranger with his child in the car,” Warden said. “I thought that was kind of amazing.”

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