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11 Times Alexis Ohanian Was #HusbandGoals

We can’t get enough of Serena Williams, but you know what? We are also developing a pretty big soft spot for her husband, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. Until recently, Ohanian has been more of a fixture in the world of startups and emerging technology, but thanks to him and Williams bringing their relationship into the public eye (beginning with their adorable engagement announcement in December 2016), Ohanian has been embraced by those of us who love Williams and love to see love thriving. 

We’ve embraced him even more, though, because Ohanian has made it known that he is both a supportive, active husband and father (he and Williams’ daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., was born in September 2017) by consistently showing love for the two main ladies in his life on social media. He is consistently cheering Williams on through his Twitter while also getting preciously sentimental with Olympia on Instagram

Basically, we’re deeming Ohanian #HusbandGoals, and if you need any further proof, you can keep scrolling and see the evidence for yourself. 

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1. He’s the biggest Serena Williams fan

Ohanian never misses an opportunity to be Williams’ personal hype man on social media. 

2. He’s an active parent who loves to show off

We can’t think of anything more adorable than Ohanian low-key bragging about his crepe-making skills while also making us squeal with delight as he introduces Olympia to a new food.

3. He’s nailing the daddy-daughter selfie game 

Nothing to see here. Just an adorable father and daughter snuggling on our Instagram timeline.

4. He doesn’t hide how excited he is to watch Williams play

His excitement to watch Williams do her thing only ramps up our excitement to be perfectly honest. 

5. He knows how to do date night right

Ohanian set the bar incredibly high for spouses and partners everywhere when he casually took Williams to Italy for a date night because she wanted Italian food. Whoa.

6. He knows how to have fun while flying solo

Ohanian embraces all the good things in life, and sometimes that includes ice cream and sightseeing while flying solo. 

7. He can be a total goofball too

We’re big fans of Ohanian just cuttin’ loose and have fun. 

8. He recognizes just how unique & powerful Williams is

Ohanian never misses an opportunity to show that he is an ardent supporter of Williams and her greatness, frequently quoting others who comment on that same topic just to prove his point. 

9. He’s so sentimental

Ohanian bringing his family back to the place where he and Williams had their first date is the kind of attention to detail mixed with sentimentality that we need in our lives. 

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10. He stands up for Williams

We love to see a spouse really acting like a team player and always coming to their partner’s defense, so naturally, we were all for Ohanian quietly calling out the unfairness that arose from comments made that Williams apparently wouldn’t be allowed to wear a bodysuit at the next French Open. 

11. He isn’t afraid to show off just how much he is into Williams

Ohanian never misses an opportunity to fawn over Williams and appreciate her beauty — and we love that about him.

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