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Ashley Iaconetti Reveals How Jared Haibon Made Bachelor Nation History

We can’t get enough of Bachelor Nation dream couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. Their romance has been whirlwind, their engagement thrilling and their wedding prep nothing short of precious. So, when it comes to learning about how it all began (Haibon proposed to Iaconetti while filming the current season of Bachelor in Paradise), we’re naturally very hungry to hear new information. Enter Iaconetti and her hilarious revelation that Haibon actually had the longest proposal in Bachelor Nation history.

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As Iaconetti described it to Us Weekly recently, viewers will likely not see all of Haibon’s proposal when it airs.

“We just know that he had the longest proposal of all Bachelor history apparently, so it will be cut down,” she said.

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Haibon had the opportunity to weigh in, explaining how a moment that should have been relatively brief (but exciting!) became longer than expected. 

“In the moment, well, I kept putting it off,” Haibon told Us Weekly. “I was very comfortable in the moment talking to her and articulating my feelings because it’s just things that I say to her all the time. I think I was postponing the idea of actually grabbing the ring. That was the only part I felt nervous about.”

Haibon also made it clear that the proposal took so long because he didn’t want to let the special moment end without saying everything he was feeling: “It’s that one moment for everybody, right? Everybody just dreams about getting engaged, where they would do it and how they would do it. Here I am standing, talking, and in, like, a minute I know I’m going to be pulling out the ring and getting down on one knee. I’m like, ‘No, I don’t want that to happen yet. It’s my one moment. I need to enjoy this as long as I possibly can.'”

Regardless of how long the proposal took, Iaconetti is sure that when fans finally see it, it will be worth it. “He did the best job. He sounded wonderful. Every girl is going to be like, ‘Wow, I want Jared even more,'” she said.

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Haibon proposed to Iaconetti in June, less than a month after the couple had reconciled and officially begun dating again. Their wedding is set for September and will take place in Haibon’s home state of Rhode Island.

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