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Idris Elba’s Response to New James Bond Rumors Has Fans Shaken and Stirred

In what may go down in Hollywood history as the most persistent casting rumors ever, new reports over the weekend suggested (once again) that Idris Elba was poised to play James Bond on the big screen. And, for a brief, shining moment early Sunday morning, a tweet from Elba made fans believe that 007 dreams could actually come true.

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Elba’s cryptic tweet was simply, “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”

And, not surprisingly, fans were officially shook. Or, as it were, “shaken.”, a subsequent tweet from Elba had fans — shall we say? — stirred. “Don’t believe the HYPE…” he wrote, which could suggest that we will not be seeing him fill out those Bond suits anytime soon (or possibly ever).

Many fans refused to accept such a grim prediction, though. Some pointed out that it’s about time the world got some good news for a change.

Others did what any good fandom would do and theorized the hell out of Elba’s tweet.

One fan may have cracked this whole thing wide open, though. Moments before posting his “HYPE” tweet, Elba shared a seemingly random photo of hip-hop group Public Enemy. Given that context, one fan came up with an admittedly compelling theory.

Since we’re just as thirsty to see Elba as Bond as the next fan, we’re inclined to buy into this theory 100 percent. Alas, Elba may just be having fun creating an air of mystery — which, c’mon, is just one more reason he’d make a perfect Bond.

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But the latest rumor pegging Elba for the role came from a Daily Star report that claimed director Antoine Fuqua spoke with friend and producer Barbara Broccoli about the Bond franchise. In that conversation, Elba was reportedly referenced as their ideal Bond.

However, Fuqua’s rep denies any such conversation. “He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or the casting. It’s all made-up stuff. Not sure how it got started,” the rep told The Hollywood Reporter

Additionally, a source close to Elba’s team reportedly told THR that no one in his camp is aware of such a casting.

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