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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Just Returned to Work, & the Photo Is Everything

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had some celebrationworthy Veep news, but finally, here we are. August has arrived, and so has the good news we’ve so desperately longed for. It comes in the form of a cast reunion preparing for the seventh and final season. Oh, and it involves the triumphant return of the one, the only, the head badass in charge, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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On Thursday, the Veep cast got together to do a table read for some of the first episodes of season seven. Clearly not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to commemorate this truly special occasion, Louis-Dreyfus opened up her camera and got the whole team to say cheese. 

“Guys, we just learned how to take a picture of ourselves on my phone! How cool is this? @veephbo Table read episodes 2 & 3 Season 7, baby!” Louis-Dreyfus captioned the sweet pic when she posted it to her Instagram.

Similarly, a more high-resolution photo of the cast and writers was posted to the official Veep Instagram. You can catch a better glimpse of Tony Hale’s mustache (is that going to be following him into season seven?) and lots of smiling cast members looking stoked as heck to be back with their fearless leader, Louis-Dreyfus.

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This is a seriously big moment for the entire Veep family, and it’s because of Louis-Dreyfus, who previously announced she would be taking a break from acting so she could focus her time and energy on battling breast cancer. As Louis-Dreyfus has kicked cancer’s ass, her Veep family has rallied around her, sending her messages of love and support, going so far as to postpone season seven production until she was ready to get back to work. 

Well, it looks like that time has finally come; it’s good to see Louis-Dreyfus back in one of her happy places.

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