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Some of the Old Dawson’s Creek Crew Aren’t Friends Anymore — but Why?

Is… is everything OK with the cast of Dawson’s Creek? Because we recently read some comments from former cast member Busy Philipps that imply things may not be as warm and pleasant as other members of the cast have led us to believe recently. Sure, we’d like to hope for the best, but if Philipps’ comments have any truth or sincerity to them, then we might have to question whether the entire cast— Philipps included — of Dawson’s Creek is really friends to this day. 

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While speaking with Us Weekly during an event recently, Philipps dropped a bombshell that she and longtime best friend Michelle Williams are apparently not a part of the ongoing Dawson’s Creek group text that is shared among other cast members.  

“I’m not on the group text,” Philipps told the outlet. “I think [Williams] and I didn’t get … We missed that moment when they…” she seemingly trailed off, apparently trying to find the right words. She then continued, “I don’t know why we’re not on it, but we’re not. Maybe they figure that we’re fine.” Ouch. 

Philipps didn’t seem to want to elaborate on the matter, but her statement certainly implies there is something shady happening behind the scenes. To our knowledge, there doesn’t seem to have been a falling out in recent years among Philipps, Williams or the rest of the cast, making this revelation all the stranger. Furthermore, whatever happy, cheery, warm familial feelings were expressed when the cast reunited for an Entertainment Weekly anniversary photo shoot and interview in March of this year — which Philipps and Williams were a part of — might not be as genuine as we thought if two of those folks involved in the anniversary shoot aren’t on the same level of intimacy as the rest of the cast. And while there’s absolutely no use speculating what’s actually going on here, Philipps’ statement is nonetheless indicative of something that’s a bit unusual. 

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The existence of the Dawson’s Creek group text was first revealed by former cast member Meredith Monroe (who played Andie McPhee on the show). As she told Us Weekly in early August, “We’ve been having fun and reconnecting… All of our lives have gone in crazy different directions. It’s sometimes you grab a moment with somebody and sometimes it’s years. The nice thing is when we see each other, we pick up right where we left off.” She went on to reveal that James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson were among those included on the text chain. 

Whatever drama is going on behind the scenes or whatever reasons exist to exclude Philipps and Williams — who both seem to be genuinely great people might we add — in something as meaningful (well, meaningful for 2018) as a group text among people who were part of a hit TV show more than two decades ago, we hope that it’s not causing too much pain or annoyance for Philipps and Williams. 

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