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Here’s Everything We Know About Hayden Panettiere’s New Man

It looks like we missed the memo, but apparently, Hayden Panettiere and her partner of nine years, Wladimir Klitschko, have officially split up. While there was no official statement issued by Panettiere or Klitschko as a couple or individually, the world got clued in that something was afoot when Panettiere was spotted last Thursday holding hands with a mystery man — who E! News recently confirmed to be a fella named Brian Hickerson. But who is Hickerson and how did he and Panettiere get together?

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After E! News was able to identify Hickerson, they also gave some intel on who he is. According to a source who spoke with the outlet, Hickerson “is from South Carolina and moved to Los Angeles to do real estate and acting. He just started getting into the acting business and is going on castings trying to break in the industry.” Additionally, he and Panettiere apparently met through mutual friends, although it’s unclear which friends introduced them or when they met. 

It does seem that Panettiere and Hickerson have allegedly been dating for about a month, per that same source, who told E!, “Brian has been her sounding board since Hayden split from Wladimir and has really been there for her. They have been seeing each other for the past month and are hooking up.”

It’s also unclear at this time if Hickerson has any presence on Twitter or Instagram. There are a handful of Brian Hickersons that pop up when you search the name on each respective platform, but it’s unclear which specifically belongs to Panettiere’s Hickerson, so we’ll refrain from calling out a specific account. As such, Hickerson is still quite the enigma, and it only makes us more curious to know who he is as a person outside his connection to Panettiere.

Despite Panettiere not commenting on the new relationship in any official kind of statement, she has slyly acknowledged that something is afoot on her Twitter account. While she tweets somewhat infrequently, she did retweet a TMZ article on Friday discussing how she fought back paparazzi who tried to get pictures of her and Hickerson holding hands on their Thursday night out, captioning the tweet, “I love this.”

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Transitioning from a dedicated partnership to the single life is always tricky, so we’re hoping Panettiere is at least having a smooth transition with Hickerson. 

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