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Kim Cattrall’s New TV Show May Have Storybook Characters — but It’s Not for Kids

If you’re into dark, twisted, modern-day fairy-tale adaptations, look no further than the new CBS All Access show Tell Me a Story. Helmed by Kevin Williamson, the writer of Scream and The Vampire Diaries, this sexy new series stars Kim Cattrall and purports to interweave familiar stories from our childhoods — but from the trailer, you can tell it’s obviously not appropriate for kids.

More: Sarah Jessica Parker Still Wants to Clarify the ‘Catfight’ With Kim Cattrall the cinematic track “Welcome to the Jungle” by producer Tommee Profitt and singer Fleurie, the Tell Me a Story sneak-peek trailer shows robbers in pig masks, a character who’s clearly meant to be Little Red Riding Hood and a lot of murder. 

As reported in Vulture, the network release describes the series as “‘The Three Little Pigs,’ ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ [woven] into an epic and subversive tale of love, loss, greed, revenge and murder.”

At one point in the trailer, Cattrall says, “Most of us, we live in between right and wrong.” She appears to be playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood’s mom, and while we don’t want to draw comparisons so soon, Tell Me a Story looks like the adult fairy tale adaptation that Once Upon a Time could have been but shied away from early in its first season. has been promoting the series on Twitter, writing, “Halloween! An added treat 2 look forward to…” But from the trailer and from the premise, it seems like there will be plenty of tricks too.

Deadline reports that the new series is based on an Argentinian TV show, and Williamson doesn’t think gritty, dark reboots have hit their prime just yet. On Tell Me a Story, he said,
“What I like is that there’s nothing on TV like it. It sits in its own little world.”

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“These characters are dealing with what’s going on today,” Williamson said. “All these ideas are brought on to this fun, fast-paced and twisty show.” The psychological thriller looks like it will be a wild ride across its planned 10-episode arc, and we’re ready see what Cattrall and the other stars (including The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley) bring to the table.

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