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Leave It to Chrissy Teigen to Live-Tweet Through an Earthquake

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Indonesia’s popular tourist destination of Lombok on Sunday, triggering a tsunami warning and sending locals to higher ground. But the effects of the large quake weren’t just felt in the immediate area. Fifty miles east in Bali, a neighboring island, Chrissy Teigen — despite admitting she was terrified — managed to handle the scary ordeal in the most Teigen way possible: live-tweeting.

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Teigen and her husband, John Legend, have been vacationing in Bali for the past week with daughter Luna, 2, and infant son Miles. Prior to the earthquake, the family seemed to be enjoying plenty of R&R, with Teigen posting sweet photos of their vacation memories.

But things took a turn from sentimental (and sometimes silly) to serious when Teigen took to Twitter to inform her 10.6 million followers of the natural disaster.

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Early Sunday, she wrote, “oh my god,” and “Bali. Trembling. So long.” She quickly followed with a series of tweets expressing her initial reaction to the quake. 

At one point, she explained, she “very calmly walked outside saying clutching baby saying ‘I’m naked. I’m naked. I’m naked.’ Like a naked zombie.”

However, Teigen’s relief that the quake was over proved short-lived when the aftershocks set in.

Teigen’s last Twitter post went up hours later and read, “another one… small but please stop, earth.”

Although Teigen hasn’t yet posted on social media after this, we hope she and her family are OK. 

Sadly, though, 82 people died in the earthquake and thousands of people were also displaced after their homes were damaged, said Sutopo Nugroho, spokesman for Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency. No deaths have yet been reported in Bali, where Teigen’s family was vacationing.

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