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Pink Denies Canceling Show for a Beach Day: ‘I Have Never F***ed Off’

On Wednesday, singer Pink announced that she would be canceling her Friday show in Sydney, Australia, due to an unspecified illness. “It is with great frustration that I bring you this news 🙁 Friday’s show will be postponed. I was hoping a couple of days of rest would help me kick this sick, but not at the speed I was hoping for,” she explained. “I appreciate your well wishes and understanding + I’m sorry.” 

Of course, this is totally reasonable. People — including celebrities — get sick all the time. However, when Pink was spotted at Byron Bay beach later that day with daughter Willow, Australian tabloids went wild, accusing the performer of canceling her concert to “chill” on the beach. 

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But Pink wasn’t having it. At all. In fact, the singer took to Instagram to clear the air.

“I don’t need to clear this up, but out of respect for my fans I will attempt it,” she wrote. “I scheduled this tour meticulously, trying to do what was best for my children, while also putting on the best and most physically demanding and beautiful show of my life. This break in Byron has been scheduled since 2017, as a way to get outside the hotel and the winter and have some time with my children. I’ve already been sick twice (kids as well) on this Australian tour, but the first time we got sick, I was able to push through.”

Pink went on to say that “what these parasite paparazzi don’t show you, is two doctor visits in Byron on two consecutive days, antibiotics, steroids, Vick’s, nose spray, throat spray, more steroids, NyQuil, a screaming baby in the middle of the night, every night, while mama gives him warm baths and tells her daughter everything is fine.” She added, “You can think whatever you want, it’s your right, but I have never taken advantage of any one in my entire life. I have never fucked off while disrespecting hard working people who spend money to come see me play.”

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Pink ended her post by apologizing, yet again, to her fans. “I’m sorry to the real fans who this situation has affected. Onwards and upwards.”

Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour, which began in March in Phoenix, Arizona, is slated to continue through May of next year, and the singer will be in Sydney through Aug. 12.

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