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This Big Little Lies Sneak Peek Hints at Serious Feuds Ahead

Possibly the most amazing photo has leaked from the set of Big Little Lies season two, and folks, we all need to have a seat and bask in its glory as we ponder what it all means. The photo — which hints at a possible ongoing feud that could focus heavily in BLL season two — involves BLL alum Reese Witherspoon (in character as Madeline Martha Mackenzie), newcomer Meryl Streep (also in character as Mary Louise Wright) and an ice cream cone that will live on in infamy. 

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There have been plenty of on-set photos leaking from the set of BLL season two that it’s not entirely shocking at this point. Whether it’s seeing Witherspoon and costar Nicole Kidman in some funky duds or seeing photos of the new BLL show dog, we’ve been getting peeks into filming for weeks. 

But on Wednesday, E! News was among the many news outlets that reported on a photo from the set leaked onto the internet showing Witherspoon as Madeline cocking her arm back and appearing as if she was getting ready to hurl a full delicious ice cream cone at Streep as Mary Louise, who had her back turned and was walking down the street. To say we are already incredibly intrigued about what’s going on here is a wild understatement.

Because it’s a photo from the set and the cast members aren’t at liberty to discuss the specifics of what’s happening, we can only wonder what is happening as our reactions run the gamut from “WTF?” to “OK, what did Mary Louise do to Madeline to warrant an ice cream cone being lobbed at her back?” The most logical guess is that Madeline and Mary Louise do not — we repeat: Do. Not. — get along in season two and possibly enter into a feud so fiery that Madeline, who is normally not prone to such wild outbursts, is driven to literally lob a perfectly good ice cream cone at Mary Louise’s head. Which leads us to wonder: If they are feuding mightily, what are they feuding over?

Witherspoon may not have commented about why her character was throwing an ice cream cone at Mary Louise, but she did confirm one glorious detail about the photo shortly after it went viral: the cone does in fact nail Mary Louise. 

As is expected with a photo this iconic, it immediately became meme fodder on Twitter, with tons of folks giving their hilarious interpretations of what’s happening in the photo. Behold: 

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We may not know what exactly is happening in this photo until BLL season two is finally released in 2019, but who cares? We’re going to be too busy chuckling for quite some time to even notice.

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