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This Fuller House Season 4 Scoop Will Make DJ & Steve Fans Rejoice

If you’re someone who still roots for D.J. Tanner and Steve Hale to be together forever, then just wait until you hear this news. 

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“Well, in season four D.J. and Steve are together,” Bure confirmed to E! News in an interview published Tuesday. “There’s no back and forth in season four, so she’s with Steve and made that decision. I like watching and I hope the fans enjoy actually watching that relationship develop more.”

As viewers recall, D.J. and Steve officially got back together in the third season, but their reunion didn’t go off without some issues. Plus, at the end of the season, Steve scored a job with the LA Lakers as the basketball team’s new foot specialist. He didn’t want to take the position after finally getting back together with D.J., but she wouldn’t accept his decision. She stepped in and called the Lakers on his behalf, accepting the job for him. 

Despite Steve going away for a while, Bure assures fans the two are very much together. Like Steve told D.J. in the season three-B finale, “Six months from now, you and me, it is on like Donkey Kong.”

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Those who love D.J. and Steve together will be really happy with this scoop from Bure, but those who don’t believe they should be a couple, well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

For many, it’s been hard to watch the way Steve has fawned over D.J. in Fuller House. At times, he’s even come off as creepy. It’s like he can’t let her go, nor does he want D.J. to be happy with anyone else but himself. Maybe Steve will be better in season four, and let’s hope, because D.J. deserves so much more than an obsessed Steve. If his character doesn’t improve, it will surely be disappointing to watch D.J. choosing a man who almost married and strung along a copycat of herself named C.J. 

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As for the rest of season four, Bure revealed Kimmy’s pregnancy (she’s carrying Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby) is the focus of season four. Plus, she also dished that Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Danny will not be regulars in the upcoming season.

“At the end of season three, Jesse, Becky, Danny they move back to San Francisco.” She continued, “They’re not regulars this season, so, actually, it doesn’t affect the show that much, it just makes it more convenient and understandable why they’re able to drop in as often as they do. But, they’re not in the house and they’re still in about three episodes each this season.”

A Fuller House season four premiere date has yet to be announced.

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