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Things Are Getting Serious Between Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have reportedly been seeing each other for a few months, but over the weekend, the new couple appeared to hit a major milestone: Schwarzenegger was seen hanging out with Pratt and his 5-year-old son, Jack (whose mom is actress Anna Faris). Could this be a sign that the duo is getting serious?

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In pictures obtained by The Daily Mail and later circulated on Twitter, Pratt and Schwarzenegger were spotted on Sunday in Los Angeles engaging in some major PDA outside an ice cream shop. The pair had reportedly taken Pratt’s son, Jack, to church together earlier in the day and later ventured out as a group for a sweet treat. It certainly looked like a happy date for everyone involved. If anything, seeing Schwarzenegger hanging out with Jack indicates that Pratt might really be feeling the vibe with her. You don’t just introduce your kids to your girlfriend unless you’re serious, you know?

This church-and-ice cream group hangout is the second time Pratt and Schwarzenegger have been spotted by photographers. Back in June, the pair were seen having a laugh-filled picnic lunch date together on Father’s Day. We also learned shortly after news of their picnic that Pratt and Schwarzenegger were apparently introduced to one another through Schwarzenegger’s mother, Maria Shriver. Chris Pratt Reveals Son Jack Once Cursed Out a Fish

Neither Pratt nor Schwarzenegger have publicly confirmed their relationship, nor have any sources close to them. This relationship is the first one to our knowledge that Pratt has had since announcing his split from Anna Faris in August 2017. We have no idea how Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s relationship will develop, but if you ask us, they not only make a really cute couple — they look like a seriously devoted couple too.

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