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Kristen Bell Is in ‘Love’ With a Man Who Is Not Her Husband

With the news of an impending Frozen sequel hitting theaters next year, everyone is buzzing with excitement over each new development. After This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown told Entertainment Tonight that he’s “in negotiations” to join the cast of the Disney animated film, that excitement only grew — especially for one of the film’s original stars, Kristen Bell.

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“I cannot comment, but I love me some Sterling, I’ll tell ya that much!” she told ET on Sunday. Until Disney makes an official announcement, she obviously has to keep whatever information she may have to herself, but it’s clear that she’s as into the idea of Brown joining the cast as we are.

“I mean I would rocket to the moon!” Bell said. “I’ve been such a fan of Sterling’s for so long. I want him in everything.”

Bell will reprise her role as Anna in Frozen 2, which according to ET is slated to hit theaters in November 2019. Brown told ET that if he joins the cast, it would be as a new character rather than a returning one.

“[I’m] in negotiations right now [and] feeling optimistic,” he said during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, where he was promoting his upcoming film The Predator. “There’s a new character they want to introduce that I kind of auditioned for, and it would be an opportunity do something my kid can definitely watch. This is definitely family-friendly, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.”

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An animated role would certainly be a change of pace for Brown, whose previous roles have been distinctly adult-oriented. We’re curious about this potential new character and how he’ll fit into the landscape of Frozen

In addition to Bell, Idina Menzel (who plays Elsa) will also be returning as well as Josh Gad (who plays Olaf). Variety reports that Evan Rachel Wood is also in talks to potentially join the sequel. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for these amazing additions to an already amazing cast.

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