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Here’s What’s Not Happening at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All

It may be called The Bachelorette: Men Tell All, but there will be at least a few topics of conversation that are strictly off limits when the special airs next week. Namely, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the episode will avoid discussing any of the off-air controversies that plagued Becca Kufrin’s season of the long-running dating franchise. 

Speaking to host Chris Harrison after taping of the episode, THR confirmed that all of Kufrin’s ex-suitors joined her for the reunion show — sans the remaining finalists. Also not in attendance? Lincoln Adim, who was convicted of indecent assault and battery in the middle of this season airing. 

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However, don’t expect to see that shocking revelation hashed out in Adim’s absence. Per THR, Harrison implied the Men Tell All special will steer clear of discussion about Adim. Or, for that matter, about finalist Garrett Yrigoyen, who landed in hot water when eagle-eyed fans uncovered a troubling pattern of behavior on social media. Yrigoyen, winner of the coveted first-impression rose, had a history of liking highly offensive posts. 

Yrigoyen has since addressed the controversy via Instagram, insisting the behavior was not indicative of who he was as a person. Fans haven’t been so fast to forgive and forget, though. Despite the fact that he is one of Kufrin’s final suitors (and the rumored winner of the season), the public’s perception of him hasn’t improved much. 

And while the Men Tell All special won’t go into specifics about such off-air scandals, that doesn’t mean Harrison himself is staying mum. 

“I want to be very careful about people that put Garrett and Lincoln in the same sentence because they do not belong in the same sentence,” the host told THR. “What Garrett did is something that people disagree with. What Lincoln did is illegal. It’s against the law. He committed a crime. He was convicted of that, so that’s very different.” 

Harrison added, “And it’s been very upsetting that people have been lumping them together as if it was all just one thing or it’s all the same thing and it’s not. That’s not to say that I agree at all with what Garrett did or if he stood for that or what he stood for, but I’m very careful to differentiate those.” 

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THR, which attended the taping of the Men Tell All special, noted that viewers would have to wait until the post-finale special, After the Finale Rose, for any further commentary on this season’s controversy. At that point, the remaining finalists will be free to do press as well. 

As far as Kufrin is concerned, she just hopes that fans will give her suitors a real chance. 

“I’ve asked this since the journey began, but I want people to stay open to who these guys are,” she told THR. “I was lucky enough to go on this journey with 28 guys and to really get to know them for who they are — away from social media, away from all the distractions — and so that was something special for me that I got to experience and I just hope that the viewers can be that same way.” 

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