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Maisie Williams Is Ending Her Game of Thrones Journey With a Tattoo

Game of Thrones is ending with it’s final season in 2019 and we literally don’t know how we’re going to cope. What will we look forward to anymore? What will we do with our Sunday nights? Will life have any more purpose?

Obviously, we’re being a bit dramatic – life always has a purpose – but it’s a big deal, people, and we’re not emotionally OK with it, yet. We’re not sure we ever will be.

But we’re not alone in our sorrow. The Game of Thrones cast members are trying to come to terms with closing the chapter, too, and Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, also known as The Girl With No Name, got a tattoo to commemorate her time on the show – one that made her the international super star she is today. 

Scroll through the Instagram photos embedded below to see all her new permanent ink. 

During her visit to Bang Bang NYC, Williams got a daisy on her arm (which probably relates to her recently launched app titled Daisie), the phrase “little rascal” on her forearm (nickname, maybe?), and “No One” tattooed on the back of her neck, which, of course is related to “the girl is no one” character storyline for Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.

You can find other meanings, too. No one gets any more Game of Thrones. No one gets any more Arya Stark. No one gets any more Girl With No Name. Ugh, we can’t deal with reality!

This could, however, be a clue that Williams has finished filming Game of Thrones season 8, all together. Production for the final season was reportedly scheduled for October 2017-August 2018. So this could mean Williams indeed wrapped and said her “See you laters!” (It’s not goodbye, yet! We still at least have season 8 premiere red carpets, premieres and parties…).

Williams has other meaningful GoT-related tattoos, too. In 2016, she got a matching one with her on-screen sister and real-life BFF Sophie Turner.

The tattoo on each girl’s inner arm reads “07.08.09,” which was the day they both got the news that they’d been cast on Game of Thrones. Ugh, so cute. We need them to star in their own Stark spin-off show, please.

Williams’ “No More” tattoo comes about six months after Turner got a the-world-is-ending-I-wrapped-Game-of-Thrones-forever tattoo. It read, “The pack survives.”  

Honestly, we hope the pack does survive. But there’s only so much heartbreak we can take. 

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