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What Country Superstar Toby Keith Is Really Like as a Father

Krystal Keith has music in her blood — literally. The singer-songwriter is country superstar Toby Keith’s daughter, so it makes sense she’d grow up to pursue music herself. But contrary to the popular idea that celebrity kids grow up differently than noncelebrity kids, Krystal Keith went on the Children of Song podcast and revealed her dad is pretty normal as dads go.

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Krystal said her dad was around for most of her childhood, even though he often left for six to eight weeks at a time to go on tour. She said, “I think it speaks volumes that the way I kind of remember childhood is I don’t really remember him being gone. When he was home, he was so present that I don’t remember the spans of him being gone.”

She also said, “He’s a lot more normal than people expect him to be. He’s exactly what you get of him in interviews and things like that.”

Toby Keith seems incredibly supportive of his daughter’s career; he posts frequently on Instagram about her, encouraging his followers to check out her music, including as recently as one week before her episode of Children of Song released. She also posts lots of photos with her dad on Instagram; it’s clear that the two are pretty close, so it’s good to know their relationship isn’t staged for social media.

It did take time for Toby to come around to Krystal pursuing a music career. During the podcast, Krystal said, “He didn’t want the industry to beat me up on being young and inexperienced. His example was LeAnn Rimes. When she came out, she was so young and had this big, huge voice that was amazing… but then as she grew up, people still saw her as a kid.” She said he insisted that she complete a college degree before diving into music so she wouldn’t experience the same pressures as Rimes or Taylor Swift.

“He was really adamant about the education,” Krystal said. “He always said, ‘I earned all of this money and my kids have every opportunity to go to college.'”

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From what we can tell from this interview, Toby Keith really wanted his kids to have normal lives, which is awesome considering how huge he is in the country music scene. 

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