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Apparently, Meghan Markle Is Feeling ‘Very Overwhelmed’ These Days

It’s been two months since Meghan Markle became Meghan, Duchess of Sussex when she wed Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex, on May 19. Becoming a royal allegedly comes with a whole host of rules and responsibilities, all of which Meghan is learning under the guidance of palace officials — but Us Weekly reports that, at least according to one source, the newly minted duchess is feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the changes in her life.

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“She’s very overwhelmed with all the rules of the Palace. She understands why they’re there, but she’s still learning,” the source said. “The Palace has been really good and supportive of her, but she’s still learning her new life.”

According to Us, a lengthy list of rules Meghan is expected to follow emerged after her wedding. Allegedly, the list bans social media, selfies and dark nail polish. It also includes specific dress guidelines. Plus, Meghan no longer has her own public-relations person because anything she wants to address publicly must go through the palace instead. The source who spoke to Us said this last bit is particularly frustrating for Meghan because it limits her ability to deal with her father, Thomas Markle, who keeps making comments to the press about her despite their current lack of contact.

“She’s essentially not able to prevent these kind of stories,” the source said. “[S]he can’t make any comments on Twitter and she can’t reach out to him to tell him to stop speaking to the press. Her father’s comments have an effect on everything.”

Most recently, Thomas Markle made headlines for saying that Meghan looks “terrified” in photos of her attending royal engagements according to Us. On Friday, the outlet reported on comments made by another source regarding the situation: “Meghan is so upset over Thomas. She’s upset for a couple of reasons. She doesn’t even know how to communicate with her dad without knowing he won’t exploit her. She lives in fear that he’ll leak their communication. If he’s spoken this much already, why wouldn’t he leak their conversation?”

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We can’t imagine how much pressure Meghan is under, especially because of her father’s perpetual attention from the media. Kensington Palace hasn’t released any official statements on his remarks, but difficult family situations are always tough. Dealing with that on top of adjusting to a whole new set of rules for daily life must be especially hard — but Meghan looks like she’s glowing with happiness in photos from royal engagements, so we’re holding onto hope that things will settle down.

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