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Kristen Bell’s Birthday Present to Herself Will Make You Cry

Kristen Bell’s birthday was on Wednesday, and throughout the day, she managed to document all the good things that happened to her. But there was one post that was especially good because it was all about the present that she gifted to herself. In one Instagram post, Bell shows her followers what she bought — and it may get you a little misty.

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Midway through the day, Bell posted up a video and photo set to her Instagram that showed her sporting a very cute golden headband with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it. The first post of the set, the video, featured Bell looking directly into the camera, headband and all, to explain to her followers what she bought herself for her 38th birthday.

“What I really wanted for my birthday this year,” she tells viewers, “was a peaceful feeling. You can swipe left to see what I bought myself. And, if you would also like a peaceful feeling, feel free to click the link in my bio and we can help family number nine.” 

If you swipe left on the photo set, you’ll see that Bell has posted screenshots of her very generous, loving donation of $4,457 to the DELMI Support Team’s GoFundMe to be someone who was merely identified as “Mom #8” on the page. Glancing through the photos, it becomes clear that Bell is giving her money to a cause that helps support immigrant parents to be reunited with their children from whom they were separated at the border. It looks like Bell was able to give enough support to help “Mom #8” but now, she’s asking all of us to help the next family (if you’re interested, you can go here and help).

In addition to giving herself the gift of a peaceful feeling, the Good Place star shared with the world how she began her special day: with a homemade sandwich plus a new hairstyle and sweet note from her two daughters. 

“Today I woke up to breakfast in bed, immediately was given a side pony, and handed this beautiful birthday note. THIS is the good place!!!” she shared with the world.

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As a mother of two daughters and a politically active person, it’s truly beautiful to see Bell doing whatever she can to make the world a better place. And as soon as we’re done drying our eyes after crying over Bell’s gesture of goodwill, we’ll take a page out of her book and do our best to help out too.

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